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Caterclean donates Cleaning Supplies for World Homeless Day

The directors of Caterclean Supplies were pleased to be able to do their bit for society by donating cleaning supplies to Exousia Trust in Swansea to help support those in need on World Homeless Day. We donated some free items such as Toilet Rolls, Hand Soaps, Floor Cleaner, Napkins, Paper Hand Towels, Refuse Sacks and Toilet Cleaner. Whilst we can't physically support every charity, helping Exousia Trust on WHD fitted in with our CSR objectives - helping local people in need.

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Caterclean Supplies is now Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Caterclean Supplies is pleased to announce that we are now Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we can now refer any type of customer from a sole trader, partnership, limited company, right up to large public bodies to our leasing providers for the purchase of cleaning machinery over the value of £1000. Our LEASE EQUIP package is proving to be very popular as customers can now spread payments over a 2 year, 3 year, 4 year or a 5 year package ...

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Caterclean Supplies is pleased to SPONSOR THE SUPER SPORTS DAY 2016

The directors at Caterclean Supplies were pleased to be able to support the SUPER SPORTS DAY 2016 with sponsorship. Investing in the potential is very rewarding. The SUPER SPORTS DAY 2016 was held on 7th July at the Cardiff International Sports Stadium in Leckwith. Students came from Focus School Swansea Campus and Focus School Berkeley Campus and a great day was had by all. Congratulations to the Yellow Team for winning, a great team spirit was shown by all participants...

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Caterclean Supplies Supports (RRT) Rapid Relief Team - Community | Compassion | Support

Caterclean Supplies is pleased to support the (RRT) Rapid Relief Team for the outstanding and unselfish work they do for the community. The RRT is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation, set up to support local communities in times of need. The RRT help people in need by serving food and drinks to emergency services personnel, helping out at homeless missions and helping to support the work of other charities. Caterclean staff have also been personally involved helping RRT at local events...

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Caterclean Supplies CELEBRATE 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS! (1991 to 2016)

Caterclean Supplies was established back in May 1991. We are pleased to announce that we've just celebrated 25 years in business! As time has gone on, our product range has evolved to offer you one of the UK's largest ranges of Cleaning, Hygiene, Washroom and Janitorial products from one source. Our products and services are designed to put you in control. Whether it's a cost review audit against your current supplier or the supply of products to your sites nationwide, we're here to support.

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Caterclean delivers another order for 100 Henry Vacuum Cleaners!

Caterclean's warehouse team have just delivered another order of over 100 Henry Vacuum Cleaners to a customer in one drop! At Caterclean Supplies, our warehouse is becoming a very busy place indeed with hundreds of pallets coming in and out all of the time. From artic truck-loads of Toilet Paper and Hand Towels, or a lorry full of Vacuum Cleaners, we work hard to keep the goods moving out of the door as fast as they're coming in. If there's an item you need in a bulk quantity, talk to us...

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Caterclean Supports Ty Hafan Hospice and Focus School in Kanjan Tournament

Saturday 2nd April saw Caterclean Supplies taking part in a KanJam Tournament competing agains 9 other teams as a charity fundraiser. Caterclean joined up with another local business to make up their KanJam team, and would you believe it - walked away winning the KanJam trophy! The owners of Caterclean Supplies were pleased to donate generously to help the 2 charities we were raising funds for: Ty Hafan Children's Hospice and Focus School Swansea Campus facilitated by KanJam UK.  

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Would you like a FREE Soap Dispenser Upgrade?!

If we told you that we would upgrade all your soap dispensers for FREE, would this seem too good to be true? The fact is it's true! Caterclean are providing TC FOAM soap dispensers and TC FOAM hand sanitiser dispensers FREE OF CHARGE to all customers who want to improve their hygiene standards and reduce costs at the same time. Whether it's 1 or 1000 we'll give them to you for FREE! Just get in touch with our sales team and let them know how many soap dispensers you'll need...

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Did you know? 1 in 4 Refillable Bulk Fill Soap Dispensers is Contaminated!

- 25% of bulk fill soap dispensers contain unsafe levels of bacterial contamination!

- Bacteria from faecal matter and other sources can grow inside the dispenser - YUCK!

- The new soap is poured in on top of the old stagnant soap and prone to airborne germs!

- Users are at risk, as the soap nozzle is never cleaned and is often touched by cleaning staff!

- Caterclean Supplies offer FREE SOAP DISPENSER UPGRADES to keep you H&S compliant!

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Why buy your cleaning machines outright when you can lease?

When it comes to buying cleaning equipment over a value of £1,000.00 + VAT, sometimes leasing can be a more attractive way to purchase. This method of of purchasing machinery makes it much more affordable for customers to upgrade equipment, especially when buying multiple machines. It's also a very tax efficient way of purchasing capital equipment. Caterclean's LEASE EQUIP package helps you arrange Equipment Leasing and Finance options to take your cleaning to the next level...

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Fed Up With Blocked Drains? Meet Caterclean's NEW Dissolvable Hand Towel...

If you're a facilities manager and you're fed up with people constantly throwing hand towels down the WC's and getting blocked drains, then we have the solution right here! Our Luxury Flushable Hand Towels are ideal for all drainage systems that may suffer from blockages. During use they behave like a normal towel; once used it can also be disposed of in the WC, where it will completely dissolve with no risk of clogging, just like regular toilet paper. A real time and money saver for facilities managers...

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Perola® HanDri© offers a Paper Hand Towel to fit every dispenser!

At Caterclean Supplies, we're pleased to be able to say that with the Perola® HanDri© range of Paper Hand Towels, we have a hand towel to fit just about every dispenser in the market place. In different formats such as C-Fold, Z-Fold, M-Fold, V-Fold and Inter-Fold. Available in 1-ply and 2-ply in Blue, Green and White, we have a quality to suit every budget. Backed up by extensive stocks for rapid delivery, we're a leading supplier to some of the largest users of paper towels in the UK...

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Perola® Paper Hand Towel Dispensers end up inside H.M. Windsor Castle!

Our Perola® Paper Hand Towel Dispensers have now found their way inside Windsor Castle! The dispensers have been chosen for the refurbishment of the back of house staff facilities. The Perola® metal dispensers were selected because of their stylish design, and their extreme durability. The Perola® range of metal dispensers are robust and are available in a smart brushed stainless steel finish or a durable white metal finish which are highly suited to withstand years of wear and tear...

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Caterclean Expands Warehouse Capacity

At Caterclean Supplies, there are new and exciting developments happening. We are reorganising the racking in our warehouse and also installing a new mezzanine floor that will provide another 1,000 square feet of storage space. In a general climate with economic pressures and with number-men watching inventory, other suppliers are continually reducing stock. We continue to fill our distribution warehouse with cleaning and hygiene consumables for a fast delivery to our customers UK wide...

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Warm Air Hand Dryers - Just a Load of Hot Air!

The University of Westminster conducted a study to compare the levels of hygiene offered by paper towels, warm air hand dryers and the more modern jet air hand dryers. The study concluded that: "The performance of both warm air dryers and jet air dryers was inferior to paper towels in all respects (drying efficiency, bacterial numbers on the hands, bacterial contamination of the air flow and surfaces of the devices, and transmission of bacteria in the washroom). Supported by the NHS...

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Do you find Non-Slip Altro Safety Floors a real problem to clean?

If the answer is YES, you're not alone! Almost all new modern buildings now have non-slip safety floors (commonly known as Altro floors) installed in them. Ideally the best method is to clean them with a machine. We recommend the Duplex, the iMop or the Multiwash as the best on the market for cleaning non-slip floors. Used with CleanSource® UNIKLEEN universal cleaner, you'll get some outstanding results. Also our speedy flat mop system with the safety floor pad is the ideal system...

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Caterclean Raised Over 2,000.00 for Charity in August!

In August 2015, Caterclean staff accompanied by friends and family took part in the great summer Stampede-a-thon at the famous Chepstow Racecourse to raise much needed funds for Focus School Swansea Campus. The directors of Caterclean Supplies were pleased to to donate a lump sum of over £2,000.00 to Keystone Education Trust which is a registered charity. This enabled the Swansea school to invest in their students by providing a superb new learning environment...

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