Customised Shadow Boards

Since introducing Caterclean's shadow boards, our consumable usage has dropped dramatically, saving us both money and time. Caterclean's quality food grade hygiene brushware and equipment allows us to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness in our factory. This helps us with the '5S' system within our operations. Highly recommended.

Why use Shadow Boards?

It is a well reported statistic that over 60% of non-conformance issues arising through audits nationwide relate to poor housekeeping and care of small manufacturing and hygiene utensils.

Correct storage on shadow boards minimises opportunity for utensils to go 'missing', get damaged or prematurely age. Providing a definite home ensures no time is wasted searching for equipment.

Additional highly visual emphasis and focus is also placed on colour coding and associated policies right where it must be applied - on the shop floor.

This all makes more efficient use of time (a precious and scarce resource), and extends utensil life offering proven, and often substantial, savings for budgets which are coming under ever-increasing pressure.
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